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Katrin Leiber


The Designer

Fashion designer Katrin Leiber of french german origins is the inventor of  the  revolutionary  changeable  heel  KLick  System ®  featuring interchangeable  heels  for  pumps  and  high  heels.  Her international career began in 1996 when she graduated top of her class from the famous Parisian fashion school ESMOD. She then worked as a freelance designer in well-known fashion houses like Kenzo  and  Nina  Ricci  in  Paris,  where  she  designed  accessories and  women‘s  fashion.  A  few  years  on,  she  decided  to  start  her own business, and in 2003 launched her „Katrin Leiber“ brand. In 2004, she celebrated the launch of her first handbag collection. Her  flamboyant  feminine  handbag  designs  drew  immediate  and intense attention from critics and the press, and her extraordinary creations were soon to be found in cities worldwide. In 2007, Katrin Leiber found love and returned to her home town of Mannheim. She set up a studio and began working on new projects. But then, instead of concentrating exclusively on handbags, she turned her attention to shoes. High heels and pumps in particular took center stage in her creations, and her idea for revolutionizing the shoe  market  was  born:  fashionable  high  heels  and  court  shoes with  interchangeable  heels.  The  reason:  Katrin  Leiber  struggled to  find  shoes  with  heels  she  really  loved.  After  trying  various approaches  and  developing  a  number  of  prototypes,  she  finally made  a  breakthrough  in  2015.  Her premium  heels,  initially  available  in  eight  and later in eleven  centimeter heights  and  different  widths,  are  perfectly  designed  for  every shoe in both colour and shape. A bag collection with changeable elements will round out the concept. Katrin Leiber is preventing her market entry of her first shoe, heel and bag collection for May 2018.

Company and Brand Overview

“Katrin Leiber” is an original French brand now based in Mannheim, Germany. Since the presentation of the first collection for Fall-Winter 2004 her success grew rapidly. In fact, the brand was selected by Workshop for 20 prestigious labels to represent French designers in a Fashion Show in Hong Kong.

“ELLE(Germany)” in the September 2005 edition presented Katrin Leiber among shoedesigner Nicolas Kirkwood as a new talent with a great future in the fashion world, they also underlined her original and personal conception of accessories. “Lucky (USA)”selected Katrin as one of the 8 best new designers worldwide and presented her portrait and biography in the September edition 2006. “C+ accessoires (France)” presented Katrin Leiber in 2007 as the “rising star of leather goods”. SWR, a german television channel, selected Katrin Leiber in 2009 as one of the best European new Designers. At the end of 2009 she developed the idea of changeable heels and was ready to start with an absolutely new Must-Have in woman shoes…

In 2017 Katrin Leiber was nominated for the Arthur Fischer inventor award.

Press kit

Fashion designer Katrin Leiber is the inventor of the revolutionary changeable heel KLick System ® featuring interchangeable heels for pumps and high heels.