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Burlington Legwear Spring/Summer 2018 - "Sock off” with Burlington

2017-06-19 12:00

In spring/summer 2018, Burlington again presents unconventional and unique looks. Centring around an androgynous style, the new concept unites masculine and feminine elements. The contrast between British patterns and a new direction is shown with argyle socks with smudged colours. The new F*CK OFF with ringlets on the shaft stands for a punky, extravagant style. As a girly version of the Burlington Clyde, the new Burlington Bonnie socks feature a small cuff and modern check pattern. Neon colours set accents this summer either dominating the design of socks and invisibles or scattered on the cuff.


Ringlets and rib

Rib structures and ringlets make for a casual look on socks with used effect in basketball sock length. The highlight are patterned socks with lobster all-over and a lemon as embroidery motif.



Metallic accents such as silver studs on black socks or eyelets in metallic colours give the collection a rocky touch. Ringlets over a rose print – also available with studs as a limited edition – are more ladylike.



Hawaii flowers, waves and leaves as striking prints can be perfectly combined with jeans and chinos this summer. The trend topic is also realised with a feminine touch on socks in used effect with multi-colour foil print.

Transparency, nets and sparkles

Various socks play with transparency as hole structure, net variant or transparent argyle. Glazed yarns and Lurex accents coupled with graphic shapes and all-over glitter with multi-coloured yarns provide for femininity.


everyone is wearing socks, but you’re wearing a statement