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Burlington AW 2018/2019 - Dance on with Burlington

2018-06-11 10:51

Inspired by a perfect party night in the style of the legendary Studio 54 and the special attitude to life that Burlington embodies, the styles of the Autumn/Winter collection 2018/2019 are breaking all conventions again this year. Whether retro-clubbing or a 70s/80s disco, there are no limits to creativity – there are no rules... except: Dance on with Burlington!

The combination of wild patterns and yarn compositions make socks and leggings gleam, shine and sparkle wherever you look. The classic Argyle, which stands out in bright neon colours and glow-in-the-dark effects, sets an important accent.

Usually hidden invisibles and short socks take centre stage with neon accents sticking out of the shoe or lace details on the cuff. Transparencies are combined with stripes to form eye-catching patterns that make even simple sneaker socks a great party accessory.

Lurex socks with a glamorous sequin border worn with sneakers or high heels can be combined with a dress to create an unusual glamour look.

Inside-out designs with used-effect stand for the typical casual Burlington look, and motif socks with a "PARTY MONSTER" slogan and a print showing a T-Rex with a party hat are an ironic highlight. Warm boot socks with argyle pattern and stylish fake-fur slippers are the perfect companions on the way home from the disco.


After a long party night, let your feet rest from dancing in plush socks in abstract argyle design and fluffy hangover socks in sneaker length.


everyone is wearing socks, but you’re wearing a statement