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FALKE Ergonomic Sport System

FALKE Ergonomic Sport System Special Function Socks Spring/Summer 2017 FALKE Impulse Air Sock

2016-06-22 04:27

There are about 70,000 receptors on the foot which considerably influence body coordination. As their name suggests, FALKE Impulse Air socks set impulses at the sole by stimulating these receptors through the special net structure. This structure stimulates the ball area and the big toe in particular and enhances circulation. The name “Air” stems from the extraordinary ventilation of the sole area. Thus, the feet feel comfortably cool and dry, particularly in summer. Compared to traditional sports socks, FALKE Impulse Air therefore offers the following advantages: • improved balance and dynamics • optimum stand and lever • enhanced ventilation • improved circulation The new sports socks are suited for various types of sports such as running, biking or golf. In addition to black and white, the socks are available in orange/red and vivid blue for men as well as bold red and light blue for women. The FALKE Impulse Air complements the range of special function socks comprising FALKE 4Grip, FALKE Stabilizing, FALKE Achilles and FALKE Energizing. For spring/summer 2017, FAKE Energizing is given an optimised fit. This ensures an even better hold. In addition, gradual compression enhances circulation and invigorates the legs.


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