The Evolution of Digital Communication.

Benefit for LABEL Present a short company profile to quickly and easily publish informations and real-time news to an unlimited extent
Benefit for LABEL Create a customized, globally accessible, digital lookbook and link the images with different keywords and tags for your label.
Benefit for MEDIA / BUYER Publish news and events in real-time and make them accessible to an international audience of labels and companies.
Benefit for MEDIA / BUYER With clearly defined filter functions you can adjust the search criteria on the product pages to your research needs and topics plans
Benefit for LABEL With an easy to use technology you can immediately add lookbooks and images, split them into stills and mood-images and define details like the body-part, colors and auto-suggested key-words
Benefit for MEDIA / BUYER Publish informations, news and fast facts of your medium including the download-function of your media-kit and make them accessible to an international audience of labels and companies

Join the evolution

In today’s world there is a lot of information, many different ways and sources of image transmission and no bundled, central interface for fashion, media and wholesale. It’s hard to keep an overview and to get a fast and results-oriented access.

InPRESSd acts as a multifunctional interface between brands and partners to simplify the exchange and distribution of digital content and to optimize the own public communication everytime, from everywhere, 24/7 with no limits and full control.

It’s time for the labels and media to (ex)change!

The brands of InPRESSd

Latest news

10. June '21


mister*lady // Outlet in Gralla, Österreich baut um zu regulärem Store

Unser Outlet in 8431 Gralla, Gewerbepark Süd 8 in Österreich baut um und eröffnet neu am 15.07.2021 als regulärer Store mit dem kompletten Sortiment...

09. May '21


Release: SAIL Runner

Der F65.0 SAIL Runner orientiert sich im grundlegenden Schnittdesign an seinen großen Brüdern DUFOUR und JAHN Runner, ist aber dennoch als jüngstes Mitglie...

09. March '21


mister*lady // Neueröffnung eines Outlet in 1110 Wien, Österreich

Am 20. März öffnet das deutsche Modeunternehmen mister*lady erstmals die Türen zu seinem neuen Outlet in 1110 Wien, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 96 a in Österre...

29. January '21

Goldgarn Denim

Goldgarn Denim with new women‘s line „Essentials“

Goldgarn Denim with new women‘s line „Essentials“Made-to-measure comfort: in addition to the existing collection, Goldgarn Denim is bringing back cl...

21. January '21


Limited Collection "Just add water" by NOAH BECKER

Noah Becker - Künstler, Freigeist, Aktivist. All das hat der 26-jährige Wahlberliner nun in seiner limitierten Kollektion „Just add Water“ vereint. Mit s...

08. January '21

Fracomina Germany

Denim = Fracomina = "Bella"

Was verbindet man mit dem Wort „Bella“- feminin, italienisch, schön, perfekt.  Ein Wort das, so einfach es ist, international von jedem verstan...

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