The Evolution of Digital Communication.


Burlington Spring Summer 2021

2021-01-05 02:45

Hacked Heritage – Traditional Design through a digital Lens

Burlington's spring/summer collection combines the traditional values and origins of the brand with the virtual world. Through strong colours and unusual textures, classics become new classics in the digital age.  The three subtopics of the collection - Offline Hacker, Arcade Heroes and Hypernatural Reality - play with digital filters, cyber games and futuristic designs.


It's a kind of magic - through the use of special UV yarn, the white diamonds of the Burlington UV Argyle change colour when exposed to sunlight, making it a real highlight for men who like to experiment.

The graphic stripe pattern of the Burlington Frequency Stripe stimulates the imagination and transports you into virtual worlds. The feminine cuff of the stocking rounds off the design perfectly.


Optical illusions? No, these are the new print articles from Burlington. The digitally distorted 360° prints of the Burlington Holo Pepita for women and the Burlington Illusion Rhomb for men, let the classic patterns shine in a futuristic glow.

The alienated rose motif of the Burlington Blurry Rose brings romantic femininity to the cyber world.


Stand still! The soldiers of the British royal family appear as motifs on the Burlington Royal Guards like little game pieces in a video game. The neon elements also give them a fake finish.

The traditional stripe pattern of the Burlington Fantasy Stripe plays with opaque and semi-opaque elements, giving it a futuristic look. Glittering details provide imaginative elegance.


Let's do some E-sports! The Burlington Argyle Racing features a sporty graphic design with mesh elements in a diamond shape in both stocking and sneaker length.

The two-tone pique structure in the checks of the Burlington Sporty Vichy gives it a trendy and digital look. The rolled edge of the ribbed cuff makes the sporty stocking very feminine at the same time.


New Seasonal Basic

The Ajour pattern in the Argyle design provides the Burlington Chelsea for transparent effects and makes this short sock for ladies a must-have for the summer.

For men, the Burlington Multicolour Clyde offers a modern Argyle pattern in a tonally coordinated multicolour look in summery colour combinations. 


everyone is wearing socks, but you’re wearing a statement