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Melina Bucher


We embrace compassion for animals through creating iconic designer bags with a fun twist.

Vegan Materials

Peta approved vegan - luxurious vegan leather - GOTS certified organic cotton

We have one goal, one passion, one true conviction: using the most innovative, luxurious materials for our handbags. That’s why we evaluated many different fabrics according to their design features and sustainability. Why? Because we love animals. Right from the start, it was inevitable for us that our handbags would not include any animal byproducts. Hence, we are not only using vegan leather, but also adhesives, color dyes, and accessories without animal ingredients – because we love our fur babies.

Our vegan leather is a high-performance material from the automotive industry and enjoys the highest quality. It feels so luxurious, soft, and comfy that outdated traditional leather becomes entirely irrelevant. It is a compound fabric out of PU and vinyl on a cotton base, which makes it especially durable compared to other materials. For us, sustainability goes hand in hand with durability: the longer you enjoy our beautiful bags, the lower the harmful environmental impact. You got makeup on your bag by accident? Your jeans stained it?  No problem for our bags – just wipe it away with a damp cloth and you are good to go!

Inside our bags, we use GOTS certified organic cotton with a satiny finish. The GOTS is the worldwide leading textile standard for organic fibres, ensuring ecological and social criteria to be met through the entire textile supply chain. Organic Cotton is an eco-friendly natural material, compared to usual cotton, it is farmed without using insecticides and pesticides – so no killing of our little bug friends! Also, organic cotton needs less water and CO2 in the production process. Just touch our cotton once and you will feel the difference: ours just feels extremely fluffy and snug. It’s imprinted with eco-friendly colours in our GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 production.

Animal Rights

Embrace compassion - Animal story for every handbag - Portion of profits to animal welfare

Animals are our one true passion. We believe that animals are not worth less – they all have different personalities, share love, have families and desires . That’s why we think that people have no right to harm them in any way. BucherBags’ mission is to promote a new way of luxury which is not only an alternative but the modern, innovative approach to fashion. We do not need any animal derived ingredients to design beautiful clothes and accessories, whether it’s fur, wool, or leather.

At the moment, the leather industry uses many bad toxins to make the skin of cows or other animals last over a long period and prevent it from rotting (so called „tanning“ processes), which are then released in the groundwater in poor regions of the world and pollute the environment. In addition, raising and killing animals is one of the main contributors to climate change. We think that using leather is both cruel and unnecessary. Today, we have far more innovative fabrics which we can use in fashion – they are less harmful for the environment, have a better performance, and are simply the better choice for conscious consumers. 

But we want to do more for animals than producing vegan products. That’s why we actively inform you on our blog and our social-media channels about both fashion related topics and   animal use in today’s society. Besides, a portion of every purchase on our site is donated to animal rights organizations or local animal shelters. So, by buying a BucherBag, you not only get a gorgeous designer piece, you also spread the love for our fur friends!

Made in Europe

OEKO-Tex 100 and GOTS certified production - designed in Germany - made in Europe

Sustainability does not only entail using environmentally friendly and durable fabrics, but also lowering the transport links. Thus, we don’t produce in Asia like most other fashion brands. Our handbags are manufactured in Europe. Our Turkish manufacturers are OEKO-TEX 100 or GOTS certified; that means, for instance, that they don’t use harsh chemicals in their production processes.

Besides, we get our resources in Germany. Our print products are produced in Germany in a zero emission production, which is just as passionate about sustainability as we are. They only use renewable energy. The used papers are 100% recycled and free from animal ingredients and imprinted with vegan colours based on plant oil. Also, for every order, they plant one tree as part of the trillion trees campaign, which we think is just great!

Form meets Function

3 in 1: designer handbag - inner pocket unfolds as separate cosmetics/tablet/laptop bag - dust bag upcycled for grocery shopping

Our bags are made for  girls on the go. Meeting friends for shopping right after university? Going to dinner straight from work? We got you covered! Our bags have different compartments to keep your stuff organized at all times. Also, our bags include soft pockets to put your phone or sunglasses in – without having to search for it for a long time.

What makes our bag even smarter is that they all have an inner pocket that can be attached or detached with buttons: the little bag inside our Trudy bag functions as a cosmetic bag for your fave lipsticks and lashes; the bags of the Indy bag and the Angel bag are padded to keep your tablet or laptop safe. That gives you the possibility to keep your laptop in your bag or just use the laptop bag alone for your next meeting – or just detach it and use the additional space in the bag for grocery shopping. To make it even easier to carry your stuff, all our bags come with an adjustable and detachable crossbody strap. It is designed as a dog leash – just because we love dogs and cats so much!

Oh, and don’t forget about our special dust bag. We love a good packaging and dust bags are perfect to keep your bag safe. But at most times they just lie around once you unwrapped your bag. Because we love sustainability (and our cute little dust bags) we thought about how to give them a second life – and how to upcycle them in a sustainable manner. This is why our dust bags have handles and are designed as additional shopping bag you can use for grocery shopping or books you need for learning in the library.

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