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Every Thursday, premium people and lifestyle magazine GALA reports about stars from all over the world and provides the stories behind the news with well-founded background information. With exclusive photos, empathetic stories, honest interviews and brilliant photo series, GALA creates an intimate but always respectful closeness to the stars and thus sets the standards in people journalism. The magazine also sets standards in the fields of beauty and fashion: with an assured sense of style, all the important news from the worlds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle are presented on lavishly designed pages. The stylish, modern service section features extraordinary photo series and a sumptuous visual appearance, covering the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Featuring opulent, luxurious visual imagery and GALA’s special celebrity appeal, the specials STYLE, BEACH, and X-Mas emphasise the magazine’s journalistic expertise in the brand’s usual unique style. Published in the spring and autumn, GALA SPECIAL STYLE informs readers about the most important fashion and beauty trends, right in time for the start of the season. In summer and winter, GALA SPECIALS BEACH and CHRISTMAS present readers with the most important lifestyle news as well as the latest fashion trends. The successful website enjoys a wide reach and is complemented by the mobile app to keep readers up-to-date with daily news about the stars and the royals on the red carpets around the world, as well as the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. The Star-News application is available for smartphones and tablet computers with Apple, Windows and Android system software. GALA is also active in the social media sector on Facebook and Twitter. Wherever GALA is, you can be sure that spotlights and luxury are never far away. GALA is a vibrant brand. In addition to its weekly premium people magazine, GALA enables readers to experience the brand at events such as the GALA SPA AWARDS, GALA FASHION BRUNCH and GALA SHOPPING NIGHT.

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Consumer Magazine
365.665 copies
Advertising rate (1/1 page 4c)
€ 25.000
Frequency of publication
Target group
GALA readers are a premium target group. With its unique combination of fascination, inspiration and closeness, its lush layout and generous size, GALA has succeeded with a premium target group that doesn‘t only read about luxury, but that actually wants to experience it. Its readers are cosmopolitan, open to consumption, interested in brands, and have high incomes. Big brands and big stars - the perfect combination for your media plan.

Stars und Glamour: Mit täglichen News, Videos und Fotos, Starporträts und Fashiontrends seid Ihr Hollywood ganz nah.