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Goldgarn Denim


GOLDGARN DENIM MANNHEIM Goldgarn is the young & innovative jeans label from Mannheim, Germany. 

The brand convinced with trendy styles as well as high-quality materials and perfect fit. No wonder, as the makers of Goldgarn grew up with denim and design the styles with love and attention to detail - and to their city. 

The individual styles are named after city districts of Mannheim and as distinctive as the individual quarters of the square city itself. TYPICAL MANNHEIM Jungbusch, Neckarstadt West, Käfertal, Oststadt: Each model has its own character. Like the city, the Goldgarn jeans come quite differently but with a consistent style: typical Mannheim. Honest and authentic. WITH HEART AND PASSION designed in Mannheim, the Goldgarn jeans are made in factories in Turkey, prepared with quality denim fabrics from Italy and Turkey. 

A unmistakable extra for all local patriots and those who wants to be there: In any pants a pocket with the Mannheim squares symbol is printed. And immediately added a special feature allready: Pro sold jeans 1 Euro goes to the social project “Goldgarn Charity“.

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The Denim brand from Mannheim, Germany